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Can I change the dimensions of the furniture?

Every week many of you ask us if we can decrease the width of the bookcase from 74 cm to 65 cm, shorten the height of the desk from 78 cm to 74 cm, widen the sideboard, design legs higher than the Maxi (190 cm) or if we can make a piece of furniture in a week because the school year starts, someone close to you has a birthday or renovation is coming to an end and you need to quickly arrange the room.

We completely understand the need to resize; you want to adjust the piece to the space available and to make it work for you. We cannot say yes to all the requests but we are able to accommodate most of them. In terms of execution time, sometimes we are able to speed up the process.

Below I will try to explain what changes we can accommodate.

For clarity, I’ll break them down into four customization options:

1. CUSTOMIZE – build your furniture based on our standard elements.

As an example let’s take the Sideboard which consists of 90 cm high legs (Mini) and two 69 cm wide boxes.
As part of Customize, we can reduce its width by placing two 46 cm wide boxes and we can increase the leg height to 140 cm (Midi) or 190 cm (Maxi). See the figure below.

As part of Customize, we can increase its width by placing two 46 cm wide boxes and one 69 cm wide box and increase the leg height to 140 cm (Midi) or 190 cm (Maxi). See the figure below.

Due to the large number of possible variants (3 leg heights x multple box variants x 5 colors), we have placed examples with specific boxes. If you are interested in a specific width and height, e.g. width 166 cm on Maxi legs, but you want to use other boxes, let us know, we will prepare a model and a quote for such design. The price you see after you have chosen your options (width, height, color and boxes) is the price for exactly this combination.


2. SMALL CHANGES – changes in the dimensions of standard furniture; modifications that do not involve a greater interference in the standard product and are usually limited to size reduction. For example: shortening the legs, narrowing the desk top, trimming the side legs to the height of the furniture upper most shelf. Such changes usually do not generate additional cost, they only add more work.

Here are examples of such changes:

  • Desk – lowering the height from 78 cm to 76 cm, narrowing the width of the desk from 120 cm to 110 cm, decreasing the depth of the top from 65 cm to 60 cm
  • Bookcase – reducing the width of the bookcase from 74 cm to 65 cm, lowering the Midi height from 140 cm to 135 cm, reducing the depth of the shelves so that they match the depth of the legs
  • Sideboard – lowering the height from 90 cm to 85 cm by cutting the legs from the bottom or cutting the tops of the side legs to match the height of the sideboard’s top.
  • Bench – reducing the width of the bench from 97 cm to 85 cm.
  • Changing handles – if you have your favorite handles / knobs or you like the products available in our accessories section, we can prepare furniture for the selected handles.

These are cosmetic changes that are easy to implement as they mostly involve trimming of existing elements.

Please remember that reducing the size of your piece of furniture does not require cutting out new elements but enlarging your piece does.

It is important to know that size reduction is not always feasible, because, for example, reducing the depth of the desk top too much may cause the desk to lose its aesthetic appeal and more importantly the side legs will not fit any more.

Let me know if your adjustments fall within the above scope and we will work together to make your piece happen.

3. BIGGER CHANGES – increasing the size of the furniture. Enlargement, as opposed to reduction, is more problematic because it requires us to design and prepare new, non-standard elements. Our boxes consist of many elements: fronts, sides, shelves, partitions and in the case of drawers also guides. Every width change of such a box generates a change of practically every element in that box, therefore it is more complicated than trimming one shelf. More often than not that one change will cause subsequent changes. Let’s take a desk as an example: if you want to change the depth of the desk top from 65 cm to 75 cm, then we have to make a deeper side leg to maintain the stability of the furniture. If it is a desk with drawers, then of course the drawers will need to be adjusted as well.

Here are few more examples:

  • Desk:
    – increasing the width of the desk with drawers from 120 cm to 140 cm
    – a desk with a reduced width from 120 cm to 115 cm and the right drawer replaced with a movable tray
    – increasing the depth of the desk top from 65 cm to 75 cm requires deeper side legs
  • Bookcase:
    – increasing the width of the bookcase without a box from 74 cm to 95 cm
    – manufacturing bookcase with legs higher than Maxi (e.g. 214 cm)
    – increasing the depth of the box in the bookcase 
  • Sideboard:
    – manufacturing a non-standard sideboard with a width of 172 cm. As 172 cm is not a multiple of the dimensions of our boxes, it will most likely require a change in the box design 
    Other furniture:
    – increasing the width of the bench – widening the bench from 97 cm to 135 cm results in adding an additional bar. Replacing the lower bars with a shelf.


If the above examples reflect the changes you have been thinking about please contact us. We will let you know if the adjustments are feasible and if yes we will prepare a 3D model for you in which you will see all the modifications, then we will provide you with a quote and determine the time needed to manufacture your piece.


Where we shipp our furniture?

We ship furniture all over the world. We usually deliver our furniture to the USA, Canada, all countries in Europe and Australia. We also shipped furniture to Asia and Africa to countries such as South Africa, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Japan and Hong Kong.


When will my order be shipped?

We start the production of your furniture as soon as the payment is credited. Usually, the entire process takes us 4-6 weeks, but in the case of color samples it is only 2-5 working days.

To be sure, please check the lead time for a specific product in the product card on our website. Four to six weeks means that the package will be shipped after about 4-6 weeks, and then we have to add a bit more time for the actual shipping process. For shipping, see “How long does the delivery take?


How long does the delivery take

  • Poland: From the moment the package is shipped, the courier must deliver the package within 1-2 business days
  • Europe: From the moment the package is shipped, the courier must deliver the package within 6 business days, although it usually takes about 2-4 days
  • World: The situation is more complicated here because, in addition to the usual courier services, parcels usually have to clear customs. That is why they usually reach you in 4-10 business days

Sometimes shipments are delayed. It happens especially during „busy shipping seasons” such as Christmas and Cyber ​​Week when packages are waiting longer than usual to clear customs. We are not responsible for such delays, but we do make every effort to ensure that the parcels reach you as soon as possible.

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