Mid century bookshelves

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Mid century bookshelves

Plywood Project -
Wooden Mid Century bookshelves

After working on our furniture for several years I think that wooden mid century bookshelves are our most recognizable product. I remember our beginnings of furniture design in a blur. Darek was drawing something on a piece of paper, explaining to me what he was doing even though I didn’t understand much. After all, we are photographers by profession and taking photos was what we were mainly doing. I didn’t think he was serious about furniture. And then unexpectedly, based on these drawings, the entire company was created. One of the dreams of leaving a trace on this planet has come true. Our furniture, made in the very center of Poland, the quality of which has been refined for three years, and is almost perfect, if this can ever be achieved. Our furniture appears every day in more and more apartments around the world and it is thanks to them that our work is pure pleasure. Bookcases are our most recognized product. They were not the first, the sideboards were, but the bookcases became the starting point for everything else.

How are our mid century bookshelves built?

For those of you who do not know our system yet, I will try to briefly explain how it works. Here are a few technical details. Our bookcases have four basic heights, as shown in the figure below:
mid century bookshelves

We also have the smaller version of our mid century bookshelves which is Bookcase Low 

Very often our clients us it as nightstand, check it out!

wooden small mid century bookcase with drawer
Our standard two widths are 74 cm and 51 cm
high mid century modern bookcase in natural stain with drawers
We can place four types of boxes in our bookcases
  • open cabinets
  • cabinets
  • vinyls
  • drawers
Bookcase on maxi legs in four versions with different boxes:
mid century bookshelves with cabinet, vinyl cabinet in walnut stain
This option cannot be used with the low-leg bookcase. Here we can only add a drawer so we have two options:
small mid century bookshelves with drawer

I think our configurator will dispel any doubts – GO AND CONFIGURE CLICK

Modular system of mid century bookshelves

The smoothness of the bookcase

As always, the leg is the basis: slender, openwork, in the shape of a ladder. Its shape makes every piece of furniture placed on it the essence of the American Mid-Century Modern style. This is our American dream. When sending another piece of furniture to Los Angeles, I imagine that now I will be living in the Hollywood hills. “Why can’t it be me?” – I ask after each package is released into the world. One can talk about the side legs, which are the basis of the whole system, for a long time; apart from being slim and having a wonderful shape, they are velvety smooth. Really. After our first fair, the Targi Rzeczy Ładnych in Warsaw in 2016, my main conclusion was that everyone who touched our furniture was saying something like ‘wow, how smooth they are ‘,’ what velvet ‘,’ Oh my, I have to have them, but I’m afraid I won’t stop touching them. ‘ Now a camera points to Darek who with a charming smile says ‘that’s exactly what I wanted’. He just stands there and continues to stroke the bookcase. And even better news is that four years have passed since that fair, and Darek being a perfectionist, together with our colleagues from the studio, have perfected the sanding technique almost to excellence, so our bookcases, sideboards and desks are even smoother than at the beginning.

Why is the production of our mid century bookshelves so time-consuming?

If you’re reading this article, you probably liked Darek’s projects. Let me tell you that in all this simplicity there is quite a lot of work to be done. I didn’t know for a long time why making these pieces of furniture takes so long. We have been with our projects in many companies. We wanted to work out a more mechanical way so that you can enjoy the furniture in your home a little faster from the moment of ordering. Unfortunately, to do this, we would have to adapt our design to the work of the machines and make too many compromises. A few edges means round for most but not for us – a round shape is not a round shape with rims. We want the inner and outer edges to be flawlessly smooth. The advisers told us that adding edges will result in faster production and more profit for us. We did not want to compromise, because it would, in principle, completely change the design and produce a different piece of furniture, not our dream one. We want our furniture to be perfectly smooth, that each element is a masterpiece, we do not want edges, but smoothness. We strongly believe that everyone who likes to be surrounded by really beautiful things, which are of impeccable quality and share our sense of aesthetics, will find what they are looking for with us. It turns out that as our customers you appreciate it and leave us great feedback. Here are some examples of your reviews from the last few months:
mid century bookshelves in oak stain with cabinet

From shipping to assembling these guys in Poland are the best. I bought this bookcase and the assorted bedside table. The packaging was more difficult to get rid of, than assembling the whole thing.!! Dariusz took care of checking the tracking and he was quick and very helpful when I assembled the whole thing. I recommend these guys and their beautiful furniture.

mid century bookshelf in walnut stain with flowers

Great quality shelf and great customer service by the sellers. Was able to adjust the width of the shelf with no issues upon request. Also, one of the shelves was slightly damaged during shipment and PWoodPro immediately sent a replacement shelf. I highly recommend PWoodPro to friends and family.

mid century bookshelf in walnut stain with books and photos on shelves

An incredibly well made unit that was so well packaged and easy to assemble. Contact was brilliant throughout, too. We couldn’t be happier with the shelving unit – it won’t be our last.


What components do we use?

Let’s stay for a moment with the quality of workmanship. Even the smallest elements matter here. That is why, in all our furniture, each cabinet and drawer is equipped with Blum hinges and guides. Does this brand name ring any bells? Let me put it this way – there are no better on the market. They have a lifetime warranty, not only in writing – if a hinge breaks after 10 years of use, they simply replace it with a new one. But there is very little chance of such a course of events. Thanks to the hinges and guides of the highest quality, the cabinets and drawers are quietly closing and really solid.

How can we customize our project to your needs?

We assumed with Darek that our second goal, apart from the highest quality of workmanship, would be to provide you with the possibility of adapting the bookcases to your individual needs. Bookcases have unlimited expansion possibilities – within reason, of course. Well, imagine how we do it – to widen the bookcase from our standard 74cm to for example 85cm, we will cut wider shelves for you, or we can cut them shorter. It is not that difficult, although we have our limits. Each shelf in our bookcase can support up to 80 kg. That’s a lot, but we prefer not to risk your aquarium spilling out with your beloved fish, so we will extend the shelf only to a limit. Therefore, we have established that the bookcase in this form can have a maximum of 85 cm. Above this width, we add extra brackets and we can expand further.
In bookcases with boxes, things get a bit more complicated. To expand our standard box, we have to change … the entire box. And that means changing every element of the design, including drawers, the position of their guides, with every hole in a different place. That is why we try to stick to our two standards, that is the ‘regular’ version with a width of 74 cm and the ‘slim’ version with a width of 51 cm.
So, sticking to our standards and so that the production makes sense, we can expand and narrow the bookcases with boxes … by the box width so by 49 cm or 69 cm. We can perform these changes for the mini, midi and maxi leg versions. Go to our CUSTOMIZED department and see examples of our bookcases tailored to your needs.
customized sideboard
Clever right? Of course, we also introduce your individual solutions, such as ‘undercutting’ the legs slightly from the bottom or cutting the top “ears” from the side legs so that the furniture can be better adapted to your space. Everything is explained in detail in this article about MODIFYING OUR SYSTEM.

Walnut, oak or natural color? What color of furniture to choose?

The color of the furniture also matters, and just like its size, you can also adjust the color to your taste. Both Darek and I feel best in soft colors. The colors of the earth soothe us. We love communing with nature, for Darek from an early age, the best holidays are those spent on the trail in the Tatra Mountains or the Sudetes. I, on the other hand, feel in the water like … a fish in the water. I could soak in lakes for hours. Therefore, we surround ourselves with things that bring us into a state of concentration and peace. Because our whole life is one big hustle and bustle, working with children … that’s why home is a place for us where we want to calm down and rest. Hence, in our basic color range you will find earth tones – walnut, oak, antique oak, transparent, teak or light oak. Our clients appreciate the peace and harmony that we bring to their home. If you are also looking for comfort at home as we are, I think you are in the right place.
Samples of stains for mid century modern furniture made by Dariusz Gapski . Walnut, oak, natural, teak light oak
Since we have already discussed all the advantages of our bookcases and, in fact, the entire collection of our furniture, we need to discuss one more topic – the price. I was sitting with my friends sipping wine when they asked me, “Kasia, but why is your furniture so expensive?” I understand… the design, but … “. I look at my watch and think how much time I have to explain it to them. Unfortunately, not enough, that’s why I just say “read articles about our furniture, and then come to our studio and see for yourself. You will have no doubts. “
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